Ways of Relieving Neck Pain

One of the reasons why people visit therapy centers is to find relief from headaches, shoulder pain, and neck pain. The therapists have to determine where the pain first occurred and then the questions concerning their activities of the day. The most common activity which most people have is working at a desk in front of a computer the better part of the day. Most of these symptoms start with neck pain and progress to shoulders and headache, and eye pains follow. Neck pain usually is due to strain and spasm in your neck muscles which can also cause pain in the shoulder area.

Common causes of neck pain

Sleeping positionneckpain

Sleeping on pillows which do not support your neck properly can lead to neck pains.


If you improperly position yourself in front of the computer, then you are likely to get a problem with your neck. Also working for long hours in front of the computer without taking a break can cause neck pains.

Sitting position

Sitting hunchback when working at your desk may cause neck pain.


Stress is also a cause of neck pain to most people. Prolonged stress can even lead to stroke.

How to prevent neck pain

Good posture

You should always ensure your posture is upright while walking, sleeping and sitting. Avoid slouching as much as you can.

Exercise the neck

Exercise the muscles of the neck using stretching exercises that are geared towards the neck. You can do this right at the desk.

Have the right office chair

Choosing the right office chair for the neck and back pain relief is very important.

Use a document holder

Instead of looking down at the paper, use a document holder that sits at the side of the working area or attaches to the side of the screen of the computer. This will make you strain your neck less since you will be looking at a position that is neutral.

Sit the seat of your car up and down

You should consider sitting your car’s seat up and down when driving. Adjust the seat so that you slightly bend your knees and not stretch your legs to reach the pedals or your hands to reach the steering wheel.

Adjusting the computer monitoradjustcomjchjd

Adjust the computer monitor to have the top of the computer screen at eye level so that you do not bend your head forward for an extended period.

If neck pain is combined with upper back pain, shoulder, and head pain, it can become unbearable. It is crucial to incorporate movement in your daily routine to ensure good health. Sitting down on a chair for long hours is not a good idea for you. A quick walk or stretch around your office is one way you can treat your neck pain. Every hour will ensure that your back remains as healthy as it should…