Essential equipment for field hockey

Field hockey players need extra equipment during the game. Field hockey is not like any other game; you need protective gear to keep you safe during the game. Protective gear is important for both the players and also the goalie. It is recommended that you get the best field hockey goalie gear. In some games, you cannot be allowed to the field if you don’t have the right equipment. If you are planning to start playing hockey, then there are some equipment that you should already have. Here is a list of the essential hockey equipment that you should have.

Field hockey equipment

Mouth guard and mask

The mouth guard and mask are important for every field hockey player and goalie. The mouth guard and mask are for safety aspects of the game. Hockey involves the use of hockey stick, and you want to avoid a scenario where you are accidentally hit with a hockey stick. The mouth guard is for protecting your teeth in case of an accident. The mask is a wired cage that allows you to see while at the same time allowing you to see.

Shin guard

A shin guard is an important gear for both the goalie and the players. Just like the name suggests, a shin guard is meant to protect the shin from injury. The shin is a very sensitive area, and a small injury can be very tremendous. When choosing a shin guard, take time and determine the material of the shin guard. Make sure that the material is strong enough to protect you from an impact.

Hockey cleats

When playing hockey, you need hockey cleats for the game. You cannot use ordinary sports shoes because they might not serve the same purpose when playing hockey. There are a different variety of cleats available depending on your preference. However, you should make sure that the cleats are made using a tough and strong material. The comfort levels are also important to make sure that you are comfortable when playing.



Gloves are important for hockey players and also goalies. Hockey players hold the hockey stick for a long period, and the gloves are meant to protect the players from bruises and injuries during the game.