Maintaining the Beauty of Your Smile with These Easy Procedures

It is not through the eyes that we can see someone’s soul, but it is through their smiles. Smile influence what others think of use when the first time we meet them. And we cannot nicely smile if we do not have a healthy mouth.

To maintain our smile, we need to make sure the hygiene of our mouth, and the symmetry of our dental alignment. In some instances, such as people with underbite or overbite condition, surgery might be needed.

Read the paragraphs below to know further about cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dental alignment treatment

Metal BraceToday, medical technology has given us the chance to get a dental alignment without all the discomforts it used to cause. Metal braces are no longer as stiff and rough as their older generation. The braces size is also much smaller, and the efficiency of the treatment has been significantly increased.

You are eligible for the procedure if you have protruding or crooked teeth. Despite the unattractive look, improper teeth-alignment can cause cleaning to be more difficult than if they are correctly aligned.

For smokers, tartar and plaque build-up will be most likely to occur in the area where crooked teeth overlap. And that can cause a nasty germ deposit.

invisalignBesides braces, invisalign is now available for those who cannot stand fixed treatment. Invisalign optimizes the use of 3D printing technology to mold a personalized aligner. Each time the teeth structure changes, new aligner will be applied by the dentist to continue correcting the teeth alignment.

Dental whitening treatment

DentistHaving a neatly arranged teeth is not enough. The next thing you need to pay attention to is the color of your teeth. Yellowish teeth are the sign of bad hygiene and may bring discomfort to others who see them.

But poor dental hygiene is not the only cause. Other natural factors, such as genetics and aging also cause teeth color to recede. The way to overcome this situation is to undergo teeth whitening treatment. If you live in Utah, browse for teeth whitening options in South Jordan, UT to find the best local cosmetic dentistry clinics. One of them, Osborne Dental clinic has the best hospitality and even offers a family package for their service.

Orthognathic surgery

Oral SurgeryDo not freak out when you hear about the word ‘surgery’. Having one or two crooked teeth is also not a reason to make you eligible to get the treatment. Only people with overbite, underbite, or jaw misalignment are considered in need of the procedure.

Besides, today’s medical technology has been so advanced than before, and jaw surgery price has been significantly reduced. The recovery also only takes less than months, much faster if compared to wearing braces which can take time as long as two years.

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